live Escape Room Ipswich

Da Vinci Escape Room


Live Escape Room

Primarily focusing on code-breaking, symbolism and association problems The Da Vinci Room will offer an interesting challenge for new and returning players alike.

Take on the role of thieves trying to recover the Holy Grail for the greater good. Does your team have what it takes to Escape?

Live Escape room Ipswich

Contagion Escape Room


Live Escape game

In order to retrieve the vaccine you must find a way to defeat the lock down on the laboratory. The quarantine timer is set to 60 minutes, after which the room and all traces of your work will be incinerated. You must do this if the rest of humanity is to benefit from your work.

Get your white coat and your safety goggles on as you prepare for Contagion....

LIVE ESCAPE room ipswich

Taken Escape Room


Live Escape Game

Our latest room, The Taken Room, will give a new challenge to returning players but is also a perfect introduction to anyone who has not played an escape game before.

Tricked by a notorious serial killer your team will have to rescue the hostages and escape from the killer's grasp.

Live Escape Room Ipswich

casino escape room

Casino Heist

Live Escape Room

Do you and your team have what it takes to break the codes, find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape the room with all the chips before your 60 minutes runs out?

We recommend you play one of our other games first if you have not experienced a live escape room before.