What are the Benefits of Team Building Activities?

If you’re in too minds whether or not to book an escape room for your team building activity, and you’re not entirely sure about team building activities to start with, then we’re going to do our best to convince you in today’s post. You see, team building events are becoming more and more popular with corporate teams and the reason is simple – they work.

Team building activities aren’t just there to simply get your team out from behind the office desk, they’re there to help identify key skills and assist with bonding. If you have a project lined up and you need your team enthusiastic, on point, and getting on like a dream, then a team building activity may be the answer.

Communication Skills

for a start, communication skills are crucial for the workplace, but perhaps some of your key team members are a bit shy in coming forward. By sending them on some team building activities, you’ll find their communication skills may improve. This is especially true if you come to one of our escape rooms where you’ll be locked in a room with only 60 minutes to get out. They must find and solve cryptic clues and puzzles to escape, and they can only do this by communicating with each other.


while your team are communicating they’re also bonding. There may be a new team member who hasn’t quite got to know the rest of the group yet, now is the ideal time to get to know each other. How about team members who haven’t bonded for other reasons, perhaps they do slightly different jobs and they don’t really come into contact with each other very often. You may have a project about to start where this will change and team building activity will help new people, quiet people, those who don’t see each other often, bond in a fun and unique way. This helps break communication barriers and this will be really beneficial once you’re back in the office together.

Problem Solving

this is a crucial skill if you’re working together on a project, the ability to solve problems is of great value as it helps to get over obstacles and work through various issues that may raise their head from time to time. In our escape rooms, in order to get out, a range of puzzles and clues, which are hidden, must be solved in order to escape. You need good problem-solving skills to work them out, what better way of improving them than to put them to the test in one of our escape rooms.

Conflict Resolution

when there are problems back at work, who solves them? Do they remain unresolved, creating an unpleasant atmosphere? On a team building activity, you must communicate, problem-solve and help each other out. They must be able to resolve conflict and work together in order to be successful, once you’ve practiced these skills, they can be utilised back in the office where they will be of great value.

Identify Skills

if you’re looking for stars to shine, skills to take advantage of and people who can do particular jobs you’ve been wanting to fill, then team building activities are a great way of doing it. Here, you’ll be able to observe your team at play and identify key skills which can be put to good use once back in the office – so keep your eyes peeled.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

what are your team’s strengths and weaknesses? A team building exercise is key to helping you do that, to assess where they’re strong and where they’re weak, it will help you create the best team. Any weaknesses can be resolved with coaching and training, any strengths can be taken advantage of back at work and built on with possible mentoring and advancement.

Escape Games Ipswich – For The Best Team Building Activities

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