Which Type of Escape Room Player are You?

So, what type of player are you when it comes to escape games? Are you brave and confident, quiet yet relentless, a little hyperfocused or ditzy and all over the place? Today we’re going to see whether you’re the type of Escape player who plays to win or who tries hard but doesn’t quite get anywhere. Which type of escape room player are you then?

The hyper focused one

Are you the one who adopts a vacant stare and doesn’t stop , the one who starts and carries on until you’ve finished? Are you the one everyone else is just a little bit intimidated by? Perhaps then you’re the hyper focused one, he/she who must win and never, ever give up until someone tells them to. You’re an asset to the whole team, but try to make sure you’re not still looking after the game ended and someone has to remind you to pick up your coat and go home.

Are you the compulsive one?

Perhaps you visit Escape Rooms all over the UK in a bid to try and win every single one of them. You love it so much you know every single room and you’re quite happy if people know it. No one will know the game better than you do, no one will be able to understand it like you do, because nobody else knows it as well as you do.

Are you the Leader?

Are you the one who takes control – every single time? You’ll be the delegator and the leader then. The person who will make sure everyone is doing everything they’re supposed to be doing to win the game. You can stop any friction and keep people on task, that way the job gets done. Yes, the game wouldn’t go so well or be so successful without someone like you there to delegate and preside over any disagreements.

The Nerdy One

Yes, he or she is the one who picks at the locks, goes over every clue with a fine-tooth comb, discussing each one in detail at the pub later, and then discusses the intimate details with everyone who took part and even those who didn’t. In the meantime, you’ll be the one paying attention to every single detail while you’re in there, finding clues, solving them and then understanding every single bit of each one.

The Indecisive one

Yes, you’re the one who is never able to make up their minds. You’re all over the place unable to decide on anything or where to look. You can’t seem to decide what you’re supposed to do, and you can’t make your mind up about anything else either. You have no focus, and no idea. This could cost you the game. It could be a matter of someone keeping a close eye on you, and you’ll be glad they did because it’ll keep you on task, so let someone else take charge, and keep your attention where it’s needed most.

Escape Ipswich – So, which one are you?

Did you recognise your escape room style? Are you any of those we’ve described above? Or perhaps you know someone who fits the description of least one of them? Why not choose your team carefully, and then book an escape room with us either online or over the phone? You and your team can then do their stuff once you’re in here.

What NOT to Do in an Escape Room

We’re going to be looking at what you mustn’t do in an Escape Room today, so you can enjoy the game, fully engage and have a great time. We love giving our customers the opportunity to win the game, but sometimes they get too preoccupied by things they shouldn’t be getting caught up in. So by setting out the do’s and don’t’s pretty early on, we know you’ll have a great time when you visit us at Escape Ipswich.

Don’t touch anything that comes with a don’t touch sign

If you see signs which say don’t touch, then it means don’t touch. We design our rooms and set everything up in a particular way, and we do this, so you’ll get the most out of the game. There’ll be props in the room that have stickers on them and they’ll ask you not to touch them. Therefore, it’s probably wise to do as the sign says, because if you touch and play around with something, you’re not supposed to you and cause some damage, unfortunately, we’ll have to ask you to pay for it. Therefore, heed the signs and enjoy your time simply playing the game.

Please don’t break things

Please be careful with the stuff you find in the room while you’re playing the game. If you break something, we will have to ask you to pay for it. Stay calm and take your time, you’ll enjoy the game far more. And you don’t want to be left with a bill to pay - let’s leave that there for a moment.

Don’t be tempted to run off with a great souvenir

Yes, we can replace stuff, but these replacements run out eventually, and it adds to our costs to keep replacing them. No matter how tempting it might seem, don’t do it, just look at them – but no slipping them into your back pocket.

Don’t turn into a climber while you’re in the Escape Room

What we mean by that is – don’t climb all over the furniture like you’re on a climbing frame because you’re up against the clock. You could cause some permanent damage and we’d have to replace whatever it is you’ve broken. And whatever you do, don’t turn up drunk please, because we’ll have to ask you to leave.

We make rules because they’re there to keep you safe. It also stops us from having to interrupt you and stop the clock – when you could be having a great time without the interruption.

Escape Ipswich – for the best hour of your day

We’ve told you what you shouldn’t do, and you’re now left with what you can. We’d love to see you here so you can forget the outside world as long as you obey the rules no climbing, touching or drunkenness, you can do that later to your heart’s content – stick to the rules and you’ll have a fabulous time here.

So why not contact us and book your game today.

What Type of Event is an Escape Room Good For?

If you’re interested in a unique game where a group of you are locked in a room with only an hour to escape, then Escape Ipswich is for you. It’s definitely one of our favourite games and we see so many different types of people come here and enjoy the experience. Question is what type of event is an escape room good for?

Corporate teams

We see a lot of corporate teams come here to play the Escape Room Game. The reason for this is that there are so many skills that can be utilised from and so much learnt from it. Not only is it a great excuse to leave the office, it’s also a great way to identify any weaknesses and strengths. If you have a new project coming up, you might do well to bring your potential candidates here to try them out. The kind of skills we’re talking about are communication, problem-solving, analytical and logical skills and of course it’s great for team building.

Celebrate your milestone event

If you have a birthday coming up or possibly a hen or stag do, then our Escape Rooms are a perfect way of celebrating. You could be celebrating something else like an anniversary or for successfully passing a driving test. Why not celebrate your special moment with us here at Escape London and make it the kind of memorable event you’ll never forget?

A welcome break from studying

Students often come here too, because what better way is there to get away from your studies and relax? You can bond with new friends, catch up with old ones and just forget about the deadlines and stress. You can play to win and then discuss your tactics over a pint later.

You could use our Escape Rooms for a date night

This may seem odd, but we’ve seen it work. Rather than sit awkwardly over a dinner date or make feeble attempts at conversation, a date night at an Escape Room can be the most unique way possible to break the ice and enjoy the company of a potential new boy/girlfriend. So why not book online or over the phone, today?