The Games at Escape Ipswich

All our rooms are themed, and they’re usually ideas taken from the most popular movies that have had an impact. It makes the rooms more exciting and when you’re playing the game searching for clues it’ll just feel that little bit more fun.

There are a few games here and we’ll just get started talking about them, so you can choose which one is right for you.

The Da Vinci Room

This is all about symbolism and code-breaking, and you’ll be breaking your own codes in the form of clues in order to escape. You’re thief trying to find the Holy Grail and you’ll take your team with you in order to give yourself a fighting chance.


A game all about finding a vaccine, an antidote to escape the lock down on the laboratory. You’ll have 60 minutes within the quarantine room before everything is burned. Can you do this to save the world in the allotted time?


with this challenge you’ll need to rescue hostages and escape the killer before he gets you first. Are you up to the challenge? There’ll be the usual obligatory series of clues to find first before you can unlock the hostage room. 

Casino Heist

In this game you’ll need to find the sneakily hidden clues, break the codes, and with all the casino chips before you can get out of the room and within the 60 minutes. 

Sub Zero

This is a submarine adventure with one last voyage on the horizon before decommissioning. Get out before your hour runs out and the generators die for good. You’ll need to find the clues and get the engines going again and get those generators back on line. We know you can do it.

Locked Inn

This is all about the pub, the unicorn pub to be exact. It’s haunted of course, and you’ll need to find a series of clues and avoid the ghosts which have been conjured up after a séance. You need to release them from their curse and that can only be done by searching, finding and solving the carefully hidden clues. 

Escape Ipswich – for escape rooms games with a unique twist

Now you know what our games are and the exact themes we use, are you going to book your escape room and come on down? We can’t wait to see you, so why not book your room either online or by phone, and get the ball rolling, you’re going to love it, the intrigue, the excitement, the authenticity – all of it.

Why are Escape Rooms So Popular?

Escape rooms have become extremely popular in the past few years and there’s a perfectly sound reason for that. They are popular because they’re so good for corporate team building and super for family get togethers and reuniting old friends. We see a lot of different people coming here all the time to enjoy our escape rooms, and we think that after you’ve read this you’re going to want to come on down and see us too. 

We mentioned corporate team

Yes, if you’re a team leader and you’re hoping to bond a few new members, or you want to see first-hand your team’s strengths and weaknesses, then an escape room is perfect for assessing the talent. If you’re unsure as to whether some people are a best fit, or who aren’t showing their full potential you may find the escape rooms are a great place to view the talent. We know they’re popular with corporate teams because we see many of them come through here on a regular basis – so we know what we’re talking about.

Families, friends, celebrations

Other people we see often are those who are here to celebrate anything from impending nuptials on hen and stag nights to significant birthdays and anniversaries. We also see our fair share of students, they love to come down and help bond, break the ice and enjoy the escape room experience. 

Escape Rooms Ipswich – are you ready to visit our escape rooms?

If you’ve heard enough now to convince you of why they’re so popular, why not come on down and take part in the escape game yourself? You can book online or give us a call, we can’t wait to hear from you and we know you’ll enjoy it as much as everyone else does too. We’ll see you soon!

How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

Today we’re going to be giving you some tips on how to be successful in an escape room. We know our escape rooms are very popular with our customers because they keep coming back, they don’t always get it right first time, but there’s no harm in coming back and we love to see our customers as many times as they want to be here. 

Winning can be so simple if you think, work together as a team and search the area thoroughly

So what can you do to make sure you win the game first time? You may already know through browsing our website that it’s a game where you’re locked in a room with 60 minutes in which to escape. In that time, the room is themed, and you choose the theme you most like the sound of, then once you’re in there you have to find your way out by finding and solving a variety of clues and puzzles. Thing is, how can you do it within the allocated time?

Don’t dominate, let everyone have a chance to speak

To give yourself the best chance of getting out is to make sure you all communicate and listen to each other. If you talk over each person or if one individual is too vocal and dominant and it won’t allow anyone to have their say and that could actually lead to failure. Make sure you all have your say and make sure you all listen to each other. 

Don’t stick with the same puzzle for too long

If you’re finding one particular puzzle difficult don’t dwell on it move on and come back to it later. If you spend too much time on one puzzle, then you’re wasting time that could be spent on other puzzles you can work out quicker. 

Make sure everyone knows when you’ve found a puzzle - and keep it safe

Always make sure you’re vocal when it comes to finding a puzzle. Make sure the whole room knows and whatever you do, don’t put it somewhere you won’t find it later. It’s important you know where it is so you can solve it at later time when you have the puzzles together. 

Search the room thoroughly

Make sure you search the room thoroughly because our puzzles are hidden really well. They could be anywhere, so always look under, up and inbetween. The discovery of those all important cryptic clues and puzzles are what will release you from the room. 

Escape Ipswich - Do You Have What it Takes to Escape

Think you have what it takes to get out of an escape room within 60 minutes? If you do why not book your room ready for when you come down to join us. Give us a bell and we can help you organise your room, just tell us how many of you are coming and which theme you’re interested in. Get in touch now and you’ll be closer to winning!