Which Type of Escape Room Player are You?

So, what type of player are you when it comes to escape games? Are you brave and confident, quiet yet relentless, a little hyperfocused or ditzy and all over the place? Today we’re going to see whether you’re the type of Escape player who plays to win or who tries hard but doesn’t quite get anywhere. Which type of escape room player are you then?

The hyper focused one

Are you the one who adopts a vacant stare and doesn’t stop , the one who starts and carries on until you’ve finished? Are you the one everyone else is just a little bit intimidated by? Perhaps then you’re the hyper focused one, he/she who must win and never, ever give up until someone tells them to. You’re an asset to the whole team, but try to make sure you’re not still looking after the game ended and someone has to remind you to pick up your coat and go home.

Are you the compulsive one?

Perhaps you visit Escape Rooms all over the UK in a bid to try and win every single one of them. You love it so much you know every single room and you’re quite happy if people know it. No one will know the game better than you do, no one will be able to understand it like you do, because nobody else knows it as well as you do.

Are you the Leader?

Are you the one who takes control – every single time? You’ll be the delegator and the leader then. The person who will make sure everyone is doing everything they’re supposed to be doing to win the game. You can stop any friction and keep people on task, that way the job gets done. Yes, the game wouldn’t go so well or be so successful without someone like you there to delegate and preside over any disagreements.

The Nerdy One

Yes, he or she is the one who picks at the locks, goes over every clue with a fine-tooth comb, discussing each one in detail at the pub later, and then discusses the intimate details with everyone who took part and even those who didn’t. In the meantime, you’ll be the one paying attention to every single detail while you’re in there, finding clues, solving them and then understanding every single bit of each one.

The Indecisive one

Yes, you’re the one who is never able to make up their minds. You’re all over the place unable to decide on anything or where to look. You can’t seem to decide what you’re supposed to do, and you can’t make your mind up about anything else either. You have no focus, and no idea. This could cost you the game. It could be a matter of someone keeping a close eye on you, and you’ll be glad they did because it’ll keep you on task, so let someone else take charge, and keep your attention where it’s needed most.

Escape Ipswich – So, which one are you?

Did you recognise your escape room style? Are you any of those we’ve described above? Or perhaps you know someone who fits the description of least one of them? Why not choose your team carefully, and then book an escape room with us either online or over the phone? You and your team can then do their stuff once you’re in here.