Great Team Building Activities

Team building activities are a great way for you to reevaluate your team’s skills, help break the ice with each other and new team members, and generally give them a great day out where they can unwind and get away from the traditional confines of the office.

There are many different types of team building activities, and we’ve featured 5 of the best, and of course one of those is our escape games in Ipswich, I mean would we really leave it out?

Cooking Against The Clock and Each Other

Let’s start off with a cooking activity, namely a cook off. What it entails is dividing your team into separate teams and then pitting them against each other. It can be any type of food and it’s up to each team to create something edible. You could also include an ingredient each team must use in their recipe, just to make it that little bit more of a challenge.


now this is great if you want to have more interactive games. While they’re taking part they’ll also be improving their communication skills. You could hire a large community hall or large area for this, or perhaps use a room in your organisation if it has a room big enough. You could also bring in a professional to help create improvisation games with a more competitive edge, one’s that are both fast and furious – and great fun.

Military Boot Camp

 this may seem a lot more physical than the other two so far, but it does the same as the others, just that it’s more energetic. You’ll get to the break the ice, help bond individual team members, recognise skills and help with communication and problem solving. Boot camps are usually run by ex-army/navy and create a similar environment to a military camp. There’ll be plenty of opportunity to identify individual’s strengths and weaknesses throughout.


another way for your team to bond and get to know each other a bit better is through volunteering. By giving support to a worthy cause you’ll be giving your team an opportunity to practice and hone their communication skills. They could go to any place that’s local to where your HQ is based. This could be anything from a children’s hospital to a homeless shelter. If you prefer skill based over place based you could perhaps let your team volunteer their time to create something for a non-profit free of charge, together as a team like an app or any other piece of useful software.

Escape Games Ipswich – For The Best in Team Building Activities

Finally, Escape Ipswich is where everyone is locked into a room where a group of people are given carefully hidden clues to find, the room is usually themed. They must find them and then solve them before the hour is up or they lose. It’s great fun and gives you all the things you’ll need on a team building exercise, opportunities to improve communication skills, bonding, ice breakers, problem-solving and critical thinking. So why not get in touch today and book your room?