Escape Ipswich - The Benefits Of Brain Teasers And Puzzles

So, if you’re thinking of coming down to Escape Ipswich but you’ve not booked a room yet, it might be because you’re on the fence about it. After all, it’s very exciting, original and unique – but is it for you? What if we told you that brain teasers and puzzles are actually quite good for you?

Keeping your mind active is important.

Brain teasers and puzzles aren’t just good for passing the time, they’re also great at keeping your mind active and if you want a healthy mind and body going into old age, then testing it and using it helps, especially in this way. Brain teasers and puzzles have been known to keep dementia and senility at bay. So rather than stare at the TV or sit around doing very little of anything, by testing your grey matter, by doing puzzles, even learning new languages you’re keeping your brain nice and active. 

Keep doing lots of different things.

Variety is important, don’t just stick to one thing and not do anything else. Mix up the brain action by doing a lot of different exercises, puzzles and teasers. You’ll stay fresh and up the ante in the brain cell department, keeping those neurons firing on all cylinders! By giving yourself different challenges, you’re making things more interesting too, and that will help stave off boredom too. 

Test your brain and your wits with an interactive game all your friends can join in too!

We believe that you should start young and keep up with different ways of testing your brain throughout your life. You can do this stationary with Sudoku and with a variety of different crosswords. You can also do this as part of a live game and interact with friends and family. It’s a great way of letting your hair down and having a great time as well as testing that grey matter and keeping your brain fully engaged and exercised!

Escape Ipswich – for those all-important brain testers!

Come down and try out our escape rooms where your brain will definitely get a brilliant workout! You’ll also have a great time too. We love to see our visitors enjoy themselves and fully immerse themselves in the escape room challenge, so why not join us for a fun 60 minutes of adrenalin pumping excitement? Book your room online or over the phone and we’ll see you there.