The Games at Escape Ipswich

All our rooms are themed, and they’re usually ideas taken from the most popular movies that have had an impact. It makes the rooms more exciting and when you’re playing the game searching for clues it’ll just feel that little bit more fun.

There are a few games here and we’ll just get started talking about them, so you can choose which one is right for you.

The Da Vinci Room

This is all about symbolism and code-breaking, and you’ll be breaking your own codes in the form of clues in order to escape. You’re thief trying to find the Holy Grail and you’ll take your team with you in order to give yourself a fighting chance.


A game all about finding a vaccine, an antidote to escape the lock down on the laboratory. You’ll have 60 minutes within the quarantine room before everything is burned. Can you do this to save the world in the allotted time?


with this challenge you’ll need to rescue hostages and escape the killer before he gets you first. Are you up to the challenge? There’ll be the usual obligatory series of clues to find first before you can unlock the hostage room. 

Casino Heist

In this game you’ll need to find the sneakily hidden clues, break the codes, and with all the casino chips before you can get out of the room and within the 60 minutes. 

Sub Zero

This is a submarine adventure with one last voyage on the horizon before decommissioning. Get out before your hour runs out and the generators die for good. You’ll need to find the clues and get the engines going again and get those generators back on line. We know you can do it.

Locked Inn

This is all about the pub, the unicorn pub to be exact. It’s haunted of course, and you’ll need to find a series of clues and avoid the ghosts which have been conjured up after a séance. You need to release them from their curse and that can only be done by searching, finding and solving the carefully hidden clues. 

Escape Ipswich – for escape rooms games with a unique twist

Now you know what our games are and the exact themes we use, are you going to book your escape room and come on down? We can’t wait to see you, so why not book your room either online or by phone, and get the ball rolling, you’re going to love it, the intrigue, the excitement, the authenticity – all of it.